Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Great Facebook Groups To Know About

Adding Friends on Facebook is almost a given known task, but people often forget about Groups which very often are filled with communities of people dedicated to your area of interest.  Networking in the Entertainment Industry is very important, so as a way to help we've come across some Facebook Groups to help our followers do just that.  These in no way are a full list of Facebook Groups available, but a small sample so take some time and explore other possible groups available by doing a search on Facebook.  These will at least get you started.

Note:  In order to join or even see the Facebook Groups you must FIRST LOG IN to Facebook and request to be added.  Also most Groups have pretty clear guidelines on what you should and should not post in the Group, so pay close attention to what they are or risk having your group membership revoked.

Once you are granted permission to join the Group:
A) you can opt to have notifications appear in your stream or simply check the Groups link which will appear on your dashboard.
B) You should also from time to time pay attention to the Suggested Groups which often appear to the right side once you join once you visit the Group's landing page

Group Name
Must login to FB First to see (click link)
Film & Casting Network of Atlantaall who would like to be a part of Film Casting Network of Atlanta in some way be involved in the acting community in some way. This could be as an actor, filmmaker, director, producer etc.
INDUSTRY CASTINGS & AUDITIONS FOR ALL TALENT - West CoastWest Coast Castings and Crew Calls for all talent in the Industry.
INDUSTRY CASTINGS & AUDITIONS FOR ALL TALENT - East CoastEast Coast Castings and Crew Calls for all talent in the Industry.
Casting EXTRAS for Films!A place to post and share castings and auditions.
Casting Actors of ColorCasting Actors Of Color is a community of Artists with diverse ethnic backgrounds formed to promote, educate, inform, & support each other in the pursuit of artistic excellence.
M.O.C.I.T.I. (mo kee tee)Men of Color in the Industry. MOCITI is an outreach organization whose mission is to provide a support network and business vehicle for men of color in the entertainment industry. We are a service organization that believes we are to serve mankind.
Film Financing USAThis group is dedicated to Indie Filmmakers looking for funding, to Investors looking for projects, to Industry Insiders who want to present/speak/exhibit/sponsor my upcoming Indie Film Financing Conferences & Seminars

Saturday, May 3, 2014

10 Little Known Secrets about #iTunes Store

As an avid collector of Movies and Music and practically an #iTunes and DVD-Blu-Ray junkie, thought it would be helpful to let other's know some of the less advertised aspects of #iTunes and making purchases.  

TV Shows
1) Often the Premiere episode of New TV series and sometimes the 1st Episode of Old Series are available for Free Download. (Example you can download for Free as of 5/3/2014 the First Episode of '24' Seasons 1 thru 8)

2) The Best time to buy a Season Pass for new TV series is often when it first comes out, often they are discounted quite substantially versus once the show becomes a hit. (Example before the CW Arrow TV show became a hit, its 1st Season Pass was available for nearly half the price it currently goes for of $49.99)

3) Music albums go on sale from time to time, some as low as $7.99.  So that favorite album you didn't get for regular price may show up in the Sales section, so check it out or include it in your #itunes Wish List (Example Latin Stars like Shakira, Marc Anthony and Pitbull + more with albums released just a year or less ago are currently on sale for only $7.99 as of 5/3/2014)

4) If you Pre-Order Albums, you can sometimes get a Single from the album early and Pre-Orders can also come at great discounted prices (Example: Coldplay's upcoming album is avail for $9.99 and you can get a new single from it now)

Disclaimer:  Sometimes Music Pre-Orders do not include any Deluxe Editions that may be released later or only available if you buy Physical CDs which come with extras not available digitally, so if you're really into having the Deluxe Edition it may pay to just wait.

5) There's a Movie of the Week section where you can rent some of the Industry's Major Release for as low as 99 cents (Example 2013 Breakout Hit 'Fruitvale Station' is currently available as a 99 cents rental as of 5/3/2014)

6) If you Pre-Order a Movie that's coming to  theaters it often comes at a Great Discount, plus may include extras, such as discounted prices for previous movies if it's part of a Sequel Series, which may not be available if you wait till after the movie is released in theaters and before it's official release on DVD/Blu-Ray (Example The Amazing Spider Man 2, in theaters as of May 2nd is available for Pre-Order at $17.99 right now, plus includes discounts on Previous Spider-Man movies)

7) Many Theatrical releases now get an Early Digital release and often at Great Prices versus waiting several weeks later when the DVD/Blu-Ray releases are set to drop, like recent Oscar Nominee 'Her' and Sci-Fi Comic Book film released earlier in 2014 'I Frankenstein' and based off work created by Kevin Grevioux (pictured for reference only, not an endorsement by him of this post in any manner) are both available for ($14.99)

Disclaimer: Digitial Releases aren't always cheaper than waiting for the physical DVD-Blu-Ray release, but for consumers of Digital releases the payoff of convenience often trumps the extra cost.  You decide.

8) Wish Lists on iTunes is a Great way to keep track of the items you want to track for future purchase.  The nice thing about them is if you purchase something from your wish list on iTunes it automatically gets removed.

9)These are just a few notables. Other things include  You can Listen to some Artist's Music Albums in full before their slated Release, Exclusives for TV Series - only available on itunes, Indie Films, Theatrical Releases available at same time as in Theater albeit at higher prices sometimes. The list goes on

10) That being said the best thing to do is to: Explore, Explore, Explore the iTunes Store. There are often lots of hidden gems and discount areas you may be pleasantly surprised that could do wonders for your digital spending budget.